1. What are Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE):

Qualifying Small Enterprises are enterprises turning over between R5 and R35 million. The Scorecard consists of seven elements of and each has a weight and contributes to the total outcome and the company is rated on all seven of the elements listed below. Qualifying Small Enterprises are rated on four of the seven elements, we assist the client to select four best elements to calculate the final result.

Employment Equity25%
Skills Development25%
Preferential Procurement25%
Enterprise Development25%
Socio Economic Development25%

There are seven possible bonus points for Ownership, Management Control and Employment Equity and these can bring up the highest possible score to 107.

2. What are Generic Enterprises (GE):

Generic enterprises are organizations that turn over more than R35 million per annum. The Generic Scorecard consists of seven elements and each has a weight and contributes to the total outcome. Unlike the QSEs which are rated on only four of the seven elements, Generic enterprises are scored on all seven elements.

Employment Equity15%
Skills Development15%
Preferential Procurement20%
Enterprise Development15%
Socio Economic Development5%


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